Tips to improve user engagement

Maggie Sawyer is a creative wordpress developer at MarkupHQ Ltd.,a psd to wordpress company. She provides responsive psd to wordpress theme conversion services with 100% client satisfaction guarantee.

User experience is an important aspect of increasing traffic and this is possible to make through making sites efficient and accessible. However, engaging targeted customers is a big challenge for the site owners.

It is pretty helpful that you are write contents everyday and posting on the website. However, this is also an obvious question that comes in everyone’s mind is that does the content is helping you in boosting up the business? This is something dreadful for every website owner. Let us understand some incredible tricks that help in engaging your customers properly:

  1. Load Times:

Today’s customers are really impatient. Especially as the technology is growing, people over internet do not want to spend much time in waiting for a page to load. This way, they are looking for a way that can save their time. They are looking for that website which has better user interface and has good speed in loading pages.

This affects the conversion rate of that website that do not have a  better conversion rate. It is pretty common that if a person spending much time on a single page, then he will get bored and will look at other websites. It is important for a website owner to put some interesting but simple theme. They are lightweight and better in loading pages.

  1. Gamifying the website:

There are certain changes that a person can make in his website to make it more interesting and more user interfacing. This is all possible through gamifying the website through this way, one owner can attract people to come to his website and play some contests or can offer some reward points while referring it to his/her friends.

There are many websites who are doing this trick and are getting proper success into the same. This is also an easier way in engaging your customers to the website. If you are able to make this engagement, it is possible to improve user experience and will also offer loyal customers to them.

  1. Crafting the homepage:

While inviting people onto your website, it is always important to welcome creatively. When it comes to the website designing, you should focus on keeping it simple and straight. This means that only that relevant information which is required must be on the homepage and the rest are on the other tabs. This makes the users more interested to check your page again and again. Do not try to put more and more contents on the homepage as you can use that content for other pages as well.

  1. Responsiveness:

Creating a website is easy, but how to run in the long run is something a bit challenging. There are people who are looking to check their favourite websites over any means available to them. This means that they do not want to access it only over their computers, but they want that access to be easier on the mobiles and tablets too.

This will make a positive impact on the users. Also, it is important that the user acceptance should be proper so that people feel convenient in opening their web pages.

  1. Easy commenting:

Just because you are working well in the market, you should also be able to collect the feedback from the people in the form of a comment. Do not hesitate in asking comments from them and do not bind them for anything while commenting on your posts. This liberty will help your site to be improved in the long run. The reason behind this is that if customers will feel free to comment anywhere they will be able to find bugs and will let you know for improvement. Also, this could also be possible that you can show some of the top comments for providing a motivation to the users in doing so.

  1. Add videos and photos:

By adding these things will also help your website in improving traffic. You also know that there are many websites where videos and images are used to attract customers. This way, they get more information, save time in writing and uploading contents and marketing goes easier. As there are customers who usually visit the website and they do not like to read the content for a longer time. They can actually look in the videos and images with small description or caption and will understand few things.

  1. Content:

Yes, it is an important asset in keeping a website alive for a long time. Content is something that defines products and services along with description about the company and its history. This is something which a person will come to know when he will read about it. That is why it is said that content is king and there are many people who keep focus on the content which they are posting. You also have to check the right time in releasing or publishing content. This is an easy task when you come to know about the targeted audience.

Wrapping Up

Customer engagement is very important. This is somehow a critical issue for the small companies but for big companies, customer engagement is not so big deal. Over a website, they can make their presence strong which can target maximum customers. Also, it is possible if they can connect to people through social networking they will be able to engage their customers. Also, they have to look for the customers they are mapping and a proper analysis is important to know that in which direction things are moving. Presentation skills matter a lot and this is also a one way of keeping customers engaged for a long time through your website.

Maggie Sawyer is a creative wordpress developer at MarkupHQ Ltd.,a psd to wordpress company. She provides responsive psd to wordpress theme conversion services with 100% client satisfaction guarantee.

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