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Twitter was launched to interact with your friends and family in 140 characters or less, what you were doing and what’s going on in your mind. People love this and update their status. In this era, people have found a millions of uses to differently optimize this social media that answers the question “What’s Happening?”

Familiar with Twitter till date is not a big issue, join it soon and become the active part of the conversation and explore this social networking community. People who are already its active member on Twitter, I Hope the below tips will help you to grow your network, find jobs and build your business.

  1. Just Follow Designers and Studios

It’s not necessary if you follow some designers and studios they will follow you back. Following them will give you a good opportunity to become a part of the conversation and learn a lot. You can Retweet their posts, make comments and join the conversation.

  1. Search For Jobs / Projects using “”

Most of the people tweet “Searching for a web designer / graphic designer” or “I need a good logo designer”. That’s the good opportunity for you to let others know that you are working designer and you are available for hire.

  1. Interact with Community : Answer Fellow Designer’s Questions

Become an active member of the community and try to answer the questions asked by the fellow designer’s regarding any query. The benefit you get from this that firstly, your name become familiar and secondly the next time they need help they will hopefully think of you.

  1. Actively Share your Design Critiques with Designers those ask for input

Time to time actively share your design critiques with those designers who have asked for input. People love to know about other opinions about what you think or how much it’s liked or disliked by others. This is a good chance to present your designing skills and expertise with your followers and be in their good names.

  1. Publish your New Projects and websites

Publish your newest projects and websites or anything you have designed. Keep your tweets up to date but not too self promotional it will affect your profile badly.

  1. Customize the design of your blog

Create something nice that suits your business and list the services and products they offer. You can also use your twitter background to show the links of the other popular social network media. This is a good step towards presenting yourself as a brand.

  1. Build Relationships

Building up relationships is a most valuable part of Twitter in my opinion. On one hand, it gives you the chance to explore to the social network and On the other hand, socialize yourself professionally by sharing your ideas and resources.

So what are you waiting for Join Twitter Now! Keep updated with your friends and family with your daily happenings. Plus update yourself professionally too with your professional clients and followers and let them know what experiment your doing with your wordpress sites or a blog.

Work Guru provide a Free Responsive Web Templates and Wordpress Theme. We can also customize the wordpress theme according to your needs.

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