Work Guru provide a Free Responsive Web Templates and Wordpress Theme. We can also customize the wordpress theme according to your needs.

To improve the loading time of your WordPress website one must have to fix certain things that definitely will let you to lessen the loading time. Have a Look :

  1. Identify the plugins that make your site slower.
  2. Auto compression of webpages, images, JS and CSS files.
  3. Filter your Database,
  4. Browser Caching be settled in right direction.

Let’s Discuss Some points taken into consideration when working on WordPress website loading time.

1. Select A Good Host

A good hosting company have a huge impact on the website related to the speed behaviour. For an instance, one selects a WPEngine one of best hosting company and other chooses host on a cheap shared server. Now, the response time to connect to the server of the client using the WPEngine is 7msec. On the other hand, the cheap shared server will take 250 milisec to connect to server. Here is the distinction in choice. So make a good choice of a while selecting a Hosting company.

2. Select a Good WordPress Theme

While selecting from pool of free wordpress themes it’s difficult to select the best one. As Not all wordpress themes are all equal in loading time, codes and plugins. So while selecting a theme, check the page speeds by theme demo using tools. This will somehow give you the idea of well coded it is.

 3. Choose Diagnostic Plugins

Several diagnostic plugins are available on the internet that displays you the effect of your installed plugin on the loading time of the page. This will make notice to you to find out any plugins that slower down your wordpress website.

4. Compress your Website

Compress your website as ZIP files; this will result in reducing the total size of the website making it faster to share with someone. Hence saves bandwidth and speeding up the page loading time

5. Compress Images

A lot of time is taken by the images on the websites. For this various plugins are also freely available on the internet that automatically compresses the images at the time they are uploaded. Hence loading time will be controlled.

 6. Filter your Database

Optimize your Database properly and Keep the database clean and efficient will auto saves your loading time. For this purpose also many plugins are also available. So what are you waiting for, installed them and use them.

7. Use CSS Sprites

A CSS Sprite fastens your website because to load a big image is much faster than loading a lot of small images. Using CSS, we can hide everything in the single image except what you want to show just by specifying the coordinates.

Work Guru provide a Free Responsive Web Templates and Wordpress Theme. We can also customize the wordpress theme according to your needs.

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